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Cosmile (Deodorant for cars and refrigerator)

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  • MaterialCeramic, PP

[DaeEun Global Solution Co Ltd]

  • South Korea South Korea

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Product Detail Information

Eco Hi-ball "Cosmile” (deodorant for cars and refrigerators)


Cosmile (deodorant for refrigerators) delays food spoilage by using porous bioceramics technology. It makes sure the refrigerator stays fresh with its excellent deodorant and antibacterial effects.



1. Antibacterial effects inside the refrigerator

2. Maintain the freshness of foods

3. Purifies the air inside refrigerators

4. Purifies the air with antibacterial effects inside the car.



1. Cosmile contains porous bioceramics ball which were synthesized with inorganic materials at very high temperatures. The physical properties are very effective odor removing effects in places like refrigerators.

2. Cosmile inhabits harmful bacterial generation and removes existing odors.

3. Cosmile uses bioceramics which have anionic effects which prevents foods from being spoiled.

4. Cosmile is all natural and contains no chemicals.



1. Summary of preparation method

Stable structure is formed since this pollution free inorganic ceramic is fired 3 times.

2. Infrared ray effects

Beneficial wavelength to human body is emitted due to infrared ray emission.

3. Porous effect

Cosmile is porous special ceramic with excellent odor removal due to 1.5 time larger dimension than charcoal.

Charcoal: Neutralizing 0.3mg/g of toxic substances.

Cosmile: Removing 0.5mg/g of toxic substances


Anionic, far infrared effect

Dust removal and antimicrobial function: Anions neutralize contaminated particles with excellent air purification function. Various pollutants which exist in the refrigerator, such as sulfurous acid gas, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, and ozone are hardened and precipitated, thus inside air is kept freshly. 


Expected effects

1. Ensuring superior performance compared to the price

2. Environmental pollution: There is no environmental pollution due to inorganic ceramic.

3. Effective value of product: The best optimal company PR item due to superior performance compared to price.


Product Name

Eco Hi-Ball Cosmile


125mm x 40mm


UFO Type




Specific Ceramic Balls

Material for Cover

Heat-resistant PP