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Shower Head

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  • MaterialCeramic, PP, PE, SUS304, Rubber

[DaeEun Global Solution Co Ltd]

  • South Korea South Korea

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Product Detail Information

Eco Hi-Ball Shower Head

Product Features

1. Releases more than 400,000 anions, having an effect of taking green shower. (Lenard effect)        

2. Outstanding water-saving effect up to 60%

3. Water pressure rise up to 300%                     

4. Removes residual chlorine (chlorine ball)

5. Massage effect by soft yet strong water stream                   

6. Removes floating matters   

7. Skin massage effect

8. Anti-skin aging

Attachment of shower plate with ultra minute holes

Makes minute holes on the plate to reveal the Lenard effect including  scattering of water molecules such as in case of a waterfall or a fountain, releasing anions.

 ● Natural water-saving effect up to 60%

 ● Natural release of a lot of anions (about over 400,000/cc)

 ● Maximized skin massage effect by minimizing water molecules

 ● Skin moisturizing effect by penetration of small water molecules into the skin

Lenard effect

Heavy collision of surface and water such as in case of a waterfall or a fountain results in separation of electron from a water molecule. The electron is combined with oxygen or carbon dioxide, causing anions.

Attachment of chlorine ball filter

Removal of residual chlorine in water prevents skin trouble and is effective for hair loss prevention and deodorization.

Attachment of non-woven filter

Removal of floating matters such as dregs that flowed in water, rust, sand, etc. prevents the shower plate from getting clogged and checks the access of wastes to the skin.

Attachment of functional ceramic filter

Reduction: Inhibits oxygen free radicals.

Blood purification: Promotes metabolism and fatigue recovery.

Anti-oxidation, deodorization, and sterilization effects

  (keeping fishes, flowers, etc. fresh)


Product Detail Image

Shower Head

Shower Head

Shower Head