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Eco Hi-Ball for Laundry

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  • MaterialSEBS, CERAMIC
  • Size105 * 100 * 0 mm
  • Weight200 g

[DaeEun Global Solution Co Ltd]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information

Eco Hi-Ball for Laundry


Need not detergent any longer!!
ECO Hi-Ball for Laundary
Be free from on concerns regarding the toxicity of detergent producing much disturbing discussions of insisting either the harmfulness of harmless and anxiety over environment pollution.
Now you can use the state of art, natural "Eco Hi-Ball", eliminating all those concern capable of perfect laundry washing.
Eco Hi-Ball replaces the conventional detergent demonstrating remarkable washing and cleansing effect with proven 99.9% sterilization and antibacterial power. Eco Hi-Ball is quite a hygienic product caring the health of people suffering from the skin troubles inflicted from the detergent residues frequently seen at the conventional detergent washing process by removing the cause of trouble from root.


 Name of Product

 ECO Hi-Ball for Laundry


 100mm x 105mm(1Ball)


 Globe type



 Property of product

 Special Ceramic Ball

 Exterior material

 SEBS(TR TPE Compound)


2 pieces of washing balls


3 years




  1. Excellent vitalization function
    (Effect of maintaining freshness and preserving material substances)
    Converts the common tap water into living water of active molecule activism.
  2. Outstanding purification function
    (Antibacterial, bacteria inhibiting, purification, deodorization & bleaching effects)
    Enhances the self cleaning power by increasing the purifying activism of enzymes resolved in the water.
  3. Thorough regulation function
    (Oxidation preventing, water softening & restoring effects)
    Reduces the viscosity and increases the permeation & moisturizing power by making the water molecule clusters smaller.
  4. Deoxidizing function (Rust preventing effect)
    Reduces the electric potential difference between the surfaces contacting with metal, inhibits the corrosion and resolves the rust by using the active oxygen and electric discharge.
  5. Extraction function (Cohesion and sedimentation effect)
    Eliminates the electric potential difference between water and metal surfaces thanks to the ionization of water as the electric field is created having the scales lose the electric potential and thereby lets the fine solid particles deposited as cohered, grown & crystallized.


  • Economically
    Life time of "Eco Hi-Ball" is semi-permanent saving the miscellaneous detergent cost by over 1/3 for not using the detergent, softener & anti-static agent. Countless economy and environmental benefit is anticipated when considering the environment protection obtained from not polluting the water quality.
  • Softness effect
    "Eco Hi-Ball" sufficiently softens the laundry without using any separate softener.
  • Anti-static electricity effect
    "Eco Hi-Ball" generates absolutely no static electricity Without using any separate anti-static agent.
  • Deodorization effect
    "Eco Hi-Ball" eliminates the foul odor without using any separate deodorizing agent.
  • Antibiotics effects
    "Eco Hi-Ball" keeps the useful bacteria alive and kills the harmful bacteria help curing the sensitive skin or various skin diseases.
  • Skin health enhancing effect
    "Eco Hi-Ball" guarantees safe use of product preventing the various detergent causing skin diseases by removing the residues of fluorescent detergent.

Special far infrared ray and electrons radiated from ceramic inside the Eco Hi-Ball convert the common tap water into the water with outstanding washing effect and remove the detergent residues left in laundry clothes after the washing process help keeping the health skin.
Surfactant effect generated from active movement of water molecules owing to the water molecule clusters made small by ceramic strengthens the power removing dirt stuck on clothes or penetrating inside the textile fibers. Such active surfactant effect promotes remarkable washing process even with only 1~2 times of rinsing reduced from normal 2~3 times help saving precious water.
The residual chlorine component in water left on cloth after washing oxidizes the fiber structures of textile thereby damaging the cloth. The water activated by ceramic ionizes and completely removes the residual chlorine regeneration and oxidation of fiber structure preventing the damage and constantly sustaining the elasticity of cloth.

- Molds and pathogenic bacteria removing effect of Eco Hi-Ball provided by powerful antibacterial activity of ceramic eliminates foul odor and is good for skin health.
- Eco Hi-Ball produces the minute quantity of hydrogen peroxide during the decomposition process of ceramic which activates the sterilization and bleaching effect not using the bleacher separately and allows the wearer of cloth feel the soft touch of textile equivalent to the textile softener without using it. 
- Eco Hi-Ball Wash Ball is made of barley stone, germanium & other pure natural minerals produced only in Korea as primary raw materials causing no environmental polluting substance by itself, which is highly environmental friendly.
- Eco Hi-Ball Wash Ball is quite a economical and environmental friendly product capable of using over 3 years (Approximately 1,000 times) when used 1 time by every day.


  • Appropriate amount of laundry as 5kg is recommended when using the Eco-Hi Ball.
  • Execute rinsing only 1-2 times.
  • Using of warm water is recommended when using the Eco-Hi Ball under the low temperature such as winter season.
  • Use the Eco-Hi Ball after soaking for 30~40 minutes in the washing machine for better effect.
  • Do not take the Eco-Hi Ball out until the washing is completed finished.
  • Eco-Hi Ball can be used with any washing machines including Drum Washing Machine or other common washing machines.
  • Dry and use the Eco-Hi Ball about once a month for better effect.


  • Do not use the Eco-Hi Ball other than washing machine.
  • Using the Eco-Hi Ball with acidic detergent may reduce the washing effect.

│ TIP │

"Eco Hi-Ball" is incorporated with Ceramic A component deodorizing, sterilizing and enhancing surface activity, the fundamental element washing the laundry, by ionizing the water alkali. "Eco Hi-Ball" also have the Ceramic B component increasing the permeation power and greatly weakening the surface tension by radiating the far infrared ray into water and making the water molecule clusters small. Lastly, the Ceramic C component incorporated in "Eco Hi-Ball" enhances the washing power through interlock process among the said ceramic components making the water into alkaline property.

"Eco Hi-Ball" is an environment friendly health product, unlike the conventional bleaching whitener and the fluorescent coloring agent removing dirt only stuck on the surface of laundries but harmful for human body polluting the environment, which has been regulated as an item inhibiting to use by WHO, Green Peace & other world environment protection institutions, removing all the dirt even stained inside of textile fibers. "Eco Hi-Ball" is an innovative product making the original colors of laundries clearer than the first used as the number of usages are increased.

"Eco Hi-Ball" is a lot different product greatly favorable for washing of all kinds of clothing, particularly for the underclothes worn by those persons of sensitive skins, atopic skin diseases, contact dermatitis, infants, babies & females.

Now get away from the troubles of rinsing again and again more than five to six times with the washing machines just for your family health. With only rinsing with "Eco-Hi Ball", we will guarantee of clean and healthy washing and laundry for you.

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Eco Hi_Ball for Laundry